Finally, Sparky!

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Cover art is an ongoing drama for writers. Sometimes we love it. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we have input and sometimes we’re only allowed to give a vague general idea. I can’t really blame the artists who work on my books for anything. I’m notorious for being extremely poor at … Read More

It’s Release Day!

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NOTE: This is Vigil, the second book of The Hours books, rebranded. If you’ve already read this and don’t need matching covers, much better flow, and a lot fewer dialogue tags, then you don’t need to buy this. This is the same basic book as Vigil.  If you haven’t read … Read More


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 <——I probably haven’t given this picture a lot of thought lately. This was in May, 2013, at RT in Kansas City, MO. I’m here with Francesca Bensi, Damon Suede, Marie Sexton and Leigh Ann Davies Logan… I had such a blast with these guys. They were truly, a remarkable, enjoyable … Read More

Cover Reveal!

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Did I mention I have a new book coming out in the My Cowboy Series in June? I’ve been rotating the new cover with all the others in my little widget, but I’m not sure I actually did a “cover reveal”. I have adored the cowboy themed covers Berkley has … Read More

4/20 – Monday Musing

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It’s 4/20. And even I know what that means, because I have teenagers. They explained it to me. They cannot imagine a world in which someone like me, their erstwhile oatmeal-boiling, berry-buying, don’t drink, don’t smoke, goody-two-shoes mother could even imagine sparking up a blunt and getting high. So, I told … Read More

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