Sunday Brunch Blog – 8/31/2014


Once again it’s time for the weekly Sunday Brunch with ZA Maxfield! This week, we have two awesome friends joining us! Please welcome A Morell and Amelia Bishop!

This week’s question is: Are you a pie, a tart, a cake, or a trifle, and why?

***BIG NEWS*** From now on, instead of the ebooks we’ve been awarding as prizes, I’ll be giving out a $5.00 Amazon gift card so readers can use it for the ebook (or other Amazon purchase) of their choice. All you have to do is comment below for your chance to win!

First, let’s hear from A Morell!

HPFcoverMDIf we’re going by the old adage, “you are what you eat,” it’s cake. I love cake. Cake is delicious. Though if we think about it on a deeper level, and liken our choices to people, I might still be cake.

Pie-people would probably be your garden-variety human. Genuine, relatively harmless, generally well-liked, perhaps not as adventurous as others but good on their own and with others (like ice cream).

Tart-people, well, they have to look quite well put together. That glossy sheen doesn’t put itself there, after all. Sweet, but not too sweet, and impressive even with the simplest ingredients.

A trifle has to show all its layers to the world, so trifle-people must wear their hearts on their sleeves. I imagine they’re straight-forward and easily understood, since all you need to serve and eat trifles with is a spoon.

Cakes, now, can be anything on the outside, and anything on the inside. Maybe that fancy sugar exterior that looks like an underwater treasure chest hides nothing more than vanilla cake and vanilla frosting, while the unassuming, smooth white fondant is secretly bursting inside with zebra cake, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. What all cakes have in common is that their layers are hidden until you dive right into the heart of them for a taste.

Not to say they’re deceptive, you just have to get close to them before they reveal themselves. (We’re also great at parties.)

Download link for Half Past Forever (free story):

~ * ~ * ~

Now, let’s see what Amelia has to say!

THBwwA pie. I am most definitely a pie.

Pies are not cool, or chic, or trendy. A pie is ordinary and everyday.

Hard to think of a dessert more “homey” than a pie.

It uses whatever ingredients are on hand, is versatile enough to serve as dessert or main course, and demands little adherence to rules or recipes. (Ha! Just like me.)

The pie is a flaky, messy, humble thing. No matter how delicious, how sweet or rich the filling, how carefully created: a pie once baked will be bumpy and rough, with spots of filling oozing out and cracks in the pastry, with burned edges and uneven depth. (Like me.) Even if a pie survives the baking process with its beauty intact, it will be easily damaged. (Me again!) Cut into the pretty pastry and it crumbles, devolving into a sloppy mess when plated for consumption. Disappointing, to those who value aesthetics.

A pie, unlike a cake or trifle, has no place at a truly elegant table. In order to make a pie presentable, you need to strip off the top crust, artfully arrange the filling, and top it with a shiny glaze, thus transforming the pedestrian pie into an upscale “tart”. (Similarly, “tart” is a word that could be used to describe me when I attempt to dress up and fit in with the beautiful people.)

So I am a pie.

Not too pretty, nothing special. Bring me to a party, and no one will be impressed.

But I am good inside. I am comforting and domestic and reliable. I am exactly what I appear to be: no artifice, no illusion, no fancy sugar-work or fondant roses.

Remember: it is what is inside that counts (and there is always room for pie.)


Buy Links for Water Witch


~ * ~ * ~

Thank you to A. and Amelia for joining us this week!

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Saturday (with a chance to win!)

FamilyUnit_audio_smAs you know, Family Unit has recently been created in an AUDIO version! I’ve already had a super secret Newsletter-Subscriber-Only Contest (Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter–use the sign up form on the sidebar–for a chance at those exclusive contests, because newsletter subscribers get all the good stuff first!)

Now I’m free to share the bounty a little, and I’ve created a contest for everyone!

You’ll have three chances to win! Just follow the rafflecopter instructions, it’s that simple. At the end of the contest, I’ll pick three random winners and announce them here.

Here’s Family Unit’s blurb:

A retired marine, Logan is methodical and conservative. Richard is a liberal pacifist who is pathologically afraid of guns. Yet the minute Logan sets eyes on Richard, his heart turns over like an old car engine, and it isn’t long before his motor is revved and Richard is in the driver’s seat – even if it seems like each man is driving a different car. Richard Hunter is parenting his grandson, and the kid – Nick – has had it rough. Richard vows nothing will stop him from creating a loving and stable home. Not even a tempting, red-hot relationship with a very attractive man.

However, when Richard looks into Logan’s blue eyes, it’s tough to stay focused. It’s never easy to become a family, what with a temperamental eight-year-old, disapproving outsiders, and outright extortion attempts. But when push comes to shove, both Logan and Richard are committed family men who want to make a loving home for a little boy who needs them. Together, they’re planning to form a Family Unit, and they won’t let anything stand in their way.

You can take a look, Here.

Enter to WIN:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday Teasers with guest author KZ Snow!

Welcome to Tuesday Teasers with ZA Maxfield! This week we have author KZ Snow joining us!

Fans of Teaser Tuesdays know what’s going to happen here:

I’ll post a snippet from one of KZ Snow’s books with the character names asterisked out.

Your mission is to guess which of KZ’s books the excerpt comes from! Email your answer to ZAM,  zamaxfield (at) zamaxfield DOT com. Please be sure to put “Teaser Tuesday” in the subject line! She’ll draw a random winner each week. It’s that simple! Come play along… If you guess correctly, you’ll be entered to win a prize!

KZ has graciously offered the winner a copy of any book from her backlist, including her most recent release, Resurrection Man.

Here’s a little bit about KZ:

KZSnow_author-picK. Z. Snow spent her formative years in Milwaukee bars—not because her parents were drunks, but because they were neighborhood tavern keepers. And, ja, a good life it was! She learned her first words off a Wurlitzer jukebox and could dance a mean polka by the time she was five. Too much has happened since then to recount. She now lives a quiet life with two rescue dogs in rural Wisconsin, where a crazy-ass crop duster pilot provides the area’s only excitement. Except when someone digs up an obscenely shaped potato. Or the Packers win.

Check out K. Z.’s website to peruse all her titles, or her blog for news, or her Facebook page for the hell of it.

HERE’s the snippet:

As more questions formed in his addled mind, *** nibbled the inside of his cheek. He always had to do something when he thought hard—chew a fingernail, toy with some object.

Patiently, **** waited.

“You got, like, a boyfriend?” *** finally asked.

“No.” And bam, just like that, *** was in the room with them.

“D’you want one?”

****’s stomach squirmed. “Someday.”

“You gonna tell Dad you’re gay? Or Mom? Or ****?”

The squirming increased. “Someday.”

*** resumed nibbling. The questions clearly weren’t over.

“Do you ever, like…shove stuff up your butt?”

**** wheezed into laughter. “What?”

“**** ******* says fa—” Another blush surfaced with volcanic speed. “He says gay guys like sticking things up their butts.”

Dare I ask? But it was too delicious to resist. “Such as?”

*** shrugged. “Root crops, small animals, grooming aids.”

Snorting, **** fell back onto the mattress. He lay there, both arms thrown over his face, as his laughter spiraled and his eyes spilled tears. For one thing, he didn’t think **** *******, who was dumber than a drumstick, was even familiar with phrases like root crops and grooming aids.

Abs cramping, **** rolled onto his side and folded his legs. Oh, Christ.

“So…it ain’t true?”

The kid sounded serious, which made **** laugh even harder. “Of course it’s true. If it came from **** *******, it must be true.” He gasped for breath and tried to control his hooting. “In fact, I’m packing a blow dryer, three parsnips, and a litter of newborn weasels as we speak.”

Stony-faced, ***** regarded him. “Dude, weasels are dangerous.”

**** curled in on himself. His gut was ready to split.

If only coming out to everybody else in his life could be this much fun.

~ * ~ * ~

Thanks for joining us, KZ!

If you think you know what book this excerpt came from, don’t forget to email ZAM at zamaxfield (at) zamaxfield DOT com with your guess!

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Sunday Brunch Blog – 8/17/2014


Once again it’s time for the weekly Sunday Brunch with ZA Maxfield! This week, we have two awesome friends joining us! Please welcome Karenna Colcroft and Lloyd Meeker!

This week’s question is: “What’s the last thing you did that scared you? Describe why you did it.”

***BIG NEWS*** From now on, instead of the ebooks we’ve been awarding as prizes, I’ll be giving out a $5.00 Amazon gift card so readers can use it for the ebook (or other Amazon purchase) of their choice. All you have to do is comment below for your chance to win!

First, let’s hear from Karenna!

LoveLikeVampires200The last thing I did that scared me was flying between Boston and Detroit. I am not a huge fan of flying, and managed to avoid it for nearly a quarter century, until two years ago I had no choice because I’d signed up for the GayRomLit convention. Since that was in Albuquerque, flying was the only viable option to get there. Driving from Boston to New Mexico was just not going to happen.

But after that, I pretty much swore off flying. Until I had the opportunity to visit someone who’s very special to me. He and I met when he was in the Boston area last year on business, and he became friends with my husband and me. But at the end of July 2013, he was sent back to his home state of Michigan, and had been there ever since.

I needed a break from stress, and I really wanted to see my friend. Detroit isn’t as far a drive as Albuquerque, but it still wasn’t completely feasible, between wear and tear on my car and wear and tear on my fibromyalgia-prone body. So I boarded a plane, closed my eyes on takeoffs and landings, and was thankful to be able to spend a few days relaxing, not dealing with issues in my personal life, and hanging out with my friend.

Buy Links for Love Like Vampires

Amazon | Dreamspinner Press

~ * ~ * ~

Now, let’s see what Lloyd has to say!

Companion[The]1B (1)Umm, this is pretty embarrassing. I’ve held a pilot’s license, bungee jumped and done any number of dangerous things without much hesitation.

But… then there’s social media. Soon some researcher will create a medical term for the unique combination of paranoia, embarrassment, dread, loathing and lunatic hope experienced by people like me when they engage in social media.

About two months ago I realized I had to get active on Twitter. I was scared. Still am. But I did it.

Then an interwebs diva told me I should set my blog to automatically post to Twitter, and that my posts should have buttons that allow readers to retweet, “like” for facebook, pin to Pinterest, and post to Reddit or SumbleUpon.

When I eventually regained consciousness I researched the relevant plugins, imagining every possible catastrophe — including installing one with malicious code originating in a geek-filled basement in Bucharest that would explode my website and snatch all my passwords and ravage every aspect of my online life.

“We will help you find lovely friends — just give us the password to your email account!” was the least of my nightmares. “By using this plug-in you agree that we are allowed to share whatever information we can collect from your online activity with anyone we think might be willing to pay for it” was more at the heart of my dread.

I chose two plugins. Yes, one from central Europe. I downloaded them, but couldn’t bring myself to activate either one for several days. I just sweated, fidgeted and stared at them lying inert on my plugin page. Each one was a slightly different Pandora’s box waiting to be opened.

Yes, I have Socmedianoia, or whatever the hell they’re going to call this disease. And then I did it. And it worked. And the sky didn’t fall. But it still might…

Why did I do this? Because I’m driven, against my all my natural instincts. I love writing what I write, and I love working hard to grow as a writer. But one important creative circuit in me isn’t complete until somebody reads what I’ve created. My longing to share my stories with readers outweighs my chronic Scomedianoia. So here I am, warts and all.

Buy Links for The Companion

Amazon | Dreamspinner Press

~ * ~ * ~

Thank you to Karenna and Lloyd for joining us this week!

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Terrific Reviews for Home The Hard Way

HomeTheHardWay_500x750Z.A. Maxfield writes an incredibly fascinating and action packed story that builds relentlessly to the last page. I love it when a novel has no throw away characters but rather weaves them together in such an intricate way that they inevitably rub up against one another with serious ramifications. Home the Hard Way is a romance, a redemptive tale and a hard and fast mystery. It was an exciting story and I highly recommend it to you! –Sammy, Joyfully Jay

Read the rest of the review Here

This was so tightly written that the mystery kept me guessing until the very end. There are twists and turns galore as all the old town secrets spill. — Caroline, Prism Book Alliance

Read the rest of the review Here

Z A Maxfield combined all the elements of this story skilfully. There was heartache, secrets, lies and betrayal, but also humour and love. There were twists and turns to keep me guessing, and more then interested in what was going to happen. –Allana, Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

Read the rest of the review Here

So many elements in a story I love- hero comes home, small town setting, childhood friend turned love interest, a mystery.  I was prepared to get cozy and enjoy, but I wasn’t prepared for just how visceral this book would feel from the moment I started reading.  This book was so atmospheric and tangible.  It just reached out and grabbed me taking me on a ride along beneath the surface of this small town and its characters.  – Sohpia Rose, Delighted Reader

Read the rest of the review Here

 I highly recommend Home the Hard Way to those who love a good mystery with a nontraditional love story and a little BDSM on the side. –Lynn, The Novel Approach

Read the rest of the review Here

I highly enjoyed this book and if you are looking for a really stellar mystery this is what you need to read.  Most defiantly made my re-read shelf. –Bethany, Rainbow Gold Reviews

You can read the rest of the review Here


My question, gentle readers, is are you ready for a mystery with a little kink? Are you unafraid of being sucked into a small town that seethes with secrets? Are you ready for a mystery that just might keep you guessing until the end? If the answer’s yes, schedule your trip to Palladian today.

Available at:  Amazon  B&N   Books A Million  ARE

Comment with your thoughts here for a chance to win a $5.00 Amazon gift certificate. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled brunch with friends next week!


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Blog Tour Winners!

HomeTheHardWay_500x750Home The Hard Way blog tour winners are as follows:

Grand prize $25.00 Gift Certificate from Riptide:

Sheila S.

July 28, 2014 – Fresh Fiction – no commenters :-(

July 28, 2014 – The Novel Approach — EWA

July 28, 2014 – Smut Book Club – Jodi M.

July 28, 2014 – Cup O’ Porn — Jill Prand

July 29, 2014 -The Pen & Muse — Alaina

July 29, 2014 – Love Bytes Reviews — Colette

July 29, 2014 – The Blogger Girls — Sula

July 29, 2014 – TTC Books and More — Jennivie

July 29, 2014 – Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words — Jeanreads2

July 29, 2014 – The Jeep Diva — Su Holland

July 30, 2014 – Prism Book Alliance — Rod B.

July 30, 2014 – Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess — Jen

July 30, 2014 – Attention is Arbitrary — couldn’t find post (any ideas?)

July 30, 2014 – Erotica For All — Alaina

July 31, 2014 – Book Reviews & More by Kathy – Christine

July 31, 2014 – Rainbow Gold Reviews — Ardent Reader

July 31, 2014 – MM Good Book Reviews — Stephanie Frederic

July 31, 2014 – 3 Chicks After Dark — Trix

July 31, 2014 – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews – Bonny

August 1, 2014 – Joyfully Jay — Antonia

August 1, 2014 – Boys in our Books — Barbara Elsborg

August 1, 2014 – That’s What I’m Talking About — no commenters :-(

August 1, 2014 – All I Want and More Books — Alex

August 1, 2014 – Smoocher’s Voice — Smoocher’s Voice -  Trix

As you can see. Some people won  more than once. It’s random. I pick numbers and then I go in and look at comments. I try to announce winners as soon as possible, but I was road-tripping with my daughter so I’m a little late.

Please check the book page of this site, HERE and choose a book from my backlist that you want, and then let me know by using the contact form or emailing me directly at zamaxfield (at) zamaxfield (dot) com

Thanks to all the bloggers and readers out there for making my book launch fun, successful, and easy!

XOXO, love to you all!


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More Housekeeping!

FugitiveColor_432I’m playing catch up here, folks. I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since Fugitive Color came out. Friday may be for Fugitives, but Monday is for Mea Culpas…

At some point, I think I lost the last thread to my sanity because I looked at my posts to find where I’d announced the winners of my Fugitive Color Audio book contest, and I didn’t have one. Not even a pending post…

What. The. HELL??

So instead of just one person winning, I picked three of the commenters from that post, and I’m sending each of you a complimentary copy of the audio book.

I really do have a personal assistant, and I’m no longer going to be afraid to use him… I LOVE writing. LOVE it. I love disappearing into my writing cave and coming out holding some kind of newborn, whether it’s a book or a blog post or a novella or a short story, or simply a fun email I sent to a friend.

The whole calendar thing? Making appointments and keeping them? Remember when things are due? Updating twitter and Facebook and my blog? Not so much…


I am THIS close to finishing some new cowboys. THIS *pinches fingers together* close. But I really don’t want anyone to think I’m a tool, or that I offer prizes and then fail to deliver.

So…The winners are:

Michelle, Readercat, and Paula!

Look for emails with instructions today!


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It’s What…? It’s AUGUST???

DEAR GOD. IT’S AUGUST.  It’s really August. And it’s raining in LA today, so it feels like New Orleans.

Today, my dearest, gentle readers, I must make the apologies.

HomeTheHardWay_500x750I have been so busy. I’ve been writing, my offspring have been graduating and moving in and out of college dorms. I’ve attended Romantic Times in New Orleans and RWA2014 in San Antonio.

I went on a research trip so I could find out all about New Mexican flora and fauna. I have been on a health kick and a food plan. I have plumbed the depths of despair, “Wait–Are you fucking telling me fried zucchini doesn’t count as a vegetable?” and flown to the heights of happiness…

See, the thing is, I actually don’t manage my time very well. I know that there are books coming out. I know my kids have move in dates and move out dates. I plan for all the eventualities, like conference, and such, but stuff ALWAYS happens.

And housekeeping gets left for last. MEA CULPA. Here’s a list of Sunday Brunch winners I haven’t announced that has gotten so long it’s laughable: Bear with me, and I will delegate this in future so someone will do this better than I ever did: My beloved author assistant, William.


The thing is, I LIKE picking the winners and doing the e-mailing. So I kept putting it off until I had a nice big block of time. Guess what? I never found one!

So: AT LAST, my Sunday Brunch Winners have been chosen and are as follows:

***If for some reason you don’t receive your gift card from me in the next twenty-four hours please email at zamaxfield @ zamaxfield (dot) com to let me know***
4/13 - Alishea
4/20 - BubZ
4/27 - Penumbra
5/4 –   Jbst
5/25 - Carly Rose
7/13 - Penumbra
7/20 – Michael
7/27 – Roger Grace 
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Sunday Brunch Blog 8/03/2014


Once again it’s time for the weekly Sunday Brunch with ZA Maxfield! This week, we have one awesome friend joining us! Please welcome Lane Hayes!

This week’s question is: “What kind of shoe are you? Why?”

***BIG NEWS*** From now on, instead of the ebooks we’ve been awarding as prizes, I’ll be giving out a $5.00 Amazon gift card so readers can use it for the ebook (or other Amazon purchase) of their choice. All you have to do is comment below for your chance to win!

Now let’s hear from Lane Hayes!

Wow.  Great question.  The answer for me is a fairly simple one.  Flip-flops. It may not sound particularly exciting, but I live in Southern California in a coastal town where I can literally wear my favorite Havianas year round.  And I do.  Even in winter, I can wear jeans, a sweater and yeah… flip flops.  Sounds weird, eh?  Depending on where you’re from, I totally get it.  I’m from Michigan originally and although I haven’t lived there in decades, I know there is no way in hell you’d be wearing anything but boots in the winter.

Lifestyle factors into your shoe choice as much, if not more than weather and where you reside.  I live near the beach in the kind of town where stereotypical surfers reign.  They say words like “dude” and “bro” a lot.  And when they claim something is “sick”, they don’t mean a trip to the hospital could be in your cards.  They means it’s awesome, cool and totally rad!  Get the picture?  Dressing up for them means wearing a shirt with a collar.  I have two teenage boys, one of whom I know for a fact only wears collared shirts when he’s forced.  As a result, he owns two.  Seriously.  In other words, things our very casual in our neck of the woods.   There are plenty of snooty folks who live here too, of course.  You know the type who love to drop designer name brands and would miss a dental appointment before a Botox injection appointment.  Think Real Housewives of Orange County. We see all kinds here.

I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit to insisting on a teensy bit of fashion where my Havianas are concerned.  I own a rainbow of colored flip flops to go with practically any clothing color combination I dream up.  And my toes are always done.  That’s a must.  But at the end of the day, I’m a huge fan of simplicity.  Anything I wear must be 100% comfortable.  I’ve suffered through the days of slipping into a pair of heels or ill-fitting shoes for work or a special occasion and yes, I’m still forced to do so every once in a while. I don’t enjoy it.  Most days, I get to wear whatever I choose.  It’s a perk of being an author.  My dog doesn’t care if I’m in pjs till noon or that I hate wearing makeup.  And he certainly doesn’t care what about my footwear!  It’s why we’re friends, I suppose.

Personality-wise, I wonder what a $25 pair of flip flops says about me.  Then again, I don’t.  I’m comfortable… in my choice of footwear and in my own skin.  I think that’s all that really counts J.

Thank you very much for having me here today, ZAM!  I’ve gone from chatting about Madonna on my first visit to beachwear… an interesting array of topics for sure!

Best wishes,

Lane Hayes xo

Author of the best-selling Better Than Stories series

Better Than Good, Better Than Chance, Better Than Friends

Buy Links for Better Than Friends

Amazon | Dreamspinner Press

~ * ~ * ~

Thank you to Lane for joining us this week!

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Road Trip!

Five GREAT reasons to drive across the country (even though you’re supposed to be promoting a new book release.)


1. The USA is HUGE. Face it. Despite any plans you make–despite the number of times you take off with the intention of seeing every little thing, peeking into every corner, and finding out what’s around every river bend–you will probably not be able to do it.

At least driving affords one the opportunity to at least look around while you’re on the interstate. For my trip to San Antonio with my daughter Zoe, we drove  onout to Texas the I-10 and for the trip back we took the I-40. The southwest is amazing. The colors are vibrant, the land varied and breathtaking. The way the Texas countryside changes from the stark desert to the prairie to the juniper forests and lush green of the hill country is spectacular. I’d love to have traveled lighter and stayed on the road way longer.  We had a metric fuckton of clothes and shoes and toiletries–all the subterfuge I need to look good for a conference–or I’d have maybe kept going on the I-10 all the way to Tampa…

2. Inspiration. Every road trip brings inspiration! A lot of my interviews include the question “What inspires you to write?” What DOESN’T inspire me to write? I can’t see a Pinon tree, or drive over a bridge, or past a saguaro, or see or a line of highly graffitied, half-buried Cadillacs without wanting to write something.

If you add people you’ve got an infinite number of stories. A weathered but handsome cowboy leans against the fender of his truck with a knowing smile on his face. A young woman dances in a roadhouse, breathless from exertion and anticipation and some sweetly seething chemistry that’s building between her body and the cocky cowboy she’s dancing with, a couple my age walks along holding hands in a kind of daze–maybe it’s the first time they’ve been alone in twenty years because the final kid has gone off to college and they have to relearn each other all over again. A gaggle of kids takes pictures of geese on the River Walk. They’re wondering if they can get away with one of those little boats. They’re wondering if there’s a treasure they can dig up, or ghosts they can chase. I can hardly contain myself. Life is fantastic!

Everywhere you look, the wide blue sky arches over somebody’s story. The real problem is deciding which story to write. It’s amazing how engaged my muse is when I’m driving and I can’t really do anything about it.

3. Food. Barbecue is food group. Each region has it’s own style, it’s preferred meat. In Texas, beef is king. Brisket is meltingly tender and there’s not enough time in the day, or room in my stomach, to try it all. In fact, I looked at a LOT of barbecue I wanted to try but I didn’t allow myself to really indulge this time because of the heat and the Unpleasant Truths lately presented by my aging body. (My doctor would be so proud).

To this food-related category, I’d like to add a little note about salsa. Salsa is a vegetable. Or a fruit. It’s mostly made of things I can feel virtuous eating, even if I need a corn chip to transport it to my mouth. Salsa is practically a HEALTH FOOD. And I was in the southwest. LUCKY ME!

In California, at least where I’m from, salsa is composed of tomatoes, onions, jalapeños or some other variety of pepper, cilantro, limes, and salt. Depending on the ratios used and the way it’s diced up, you can either make a pico de gallo type chunky salsa, or a regulation, dip your chips, kind of puree…

But oh, my god, each place where we stopped to eat from Arizona to New Mexico to Texas had a different kind of salsa. Some involved cooked tomatoes, some green chiles or chipotles instead of jalapeños. Some came to the table hot (WTF?), some seemed to be creamy, and some didn’t have tomatoes at all. Some salsas were so spicy they blew the roof off my mouth (thank you Track One in El Paso! Delicious!) and some tasted like tomato soup and made me long for a grilled cheese sandwich.

I’d add my beloved Bloody Marys here to this category, what’s better than salsa you can drink. I take mine without alcohol thank you, but with some big, pimiento-stuffed green olives speared on a little saber, please!

Keep on keeping on, Salsa Makers. Space is vast and the universe infinite. There is room for all of us in the quest for the perfect condiment.

4. Camaraderie. Doing anything with my daughter is amazing. I always enjoy spending time with my kids, but taking my recently graduated lit major daughter to a romance writers convention where she got to see what I do for a living (and meet some of the people who make it possible) was very exciting. She took a picture of Jayne Ann Krentz over my shoulder (because I was signing across from her) and posted it to social media. Of course I was a starstruck, babbling idiot. My daughter was like…where do I recognize that name from…?

Lauralyn Thompson-4277-Color-Sm5. Working it! I got a new picture taken for my author bio, and I unveil it here. What was mostly a whim because of a chance meeting with Marti Corn, a photographer taking appointments for pictures of the attendees, which turned into an absolutely fabulous morning of me trying not to feel stiff as a board while I sat for a photo shoot in the Menger Hotel (a haunted, and hauntingly beautiful place). Everyone should have a Marti to take their picture. Click here for her website.

She made me look (and feel) so pretty. She took a whole bunch of pictures, and in the end, we settled on five that I wanted to keep. This one, which I’ll be using for my official portrait, and a couple just for fun, including a fun barefoot shot I had her make for my hubby…

And YES!

There is a new ZAM book out! You can find out everything you need to know about Home The Hard Way by following along the Blog Tour. Follow along for a chance to win! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


Warning: This ain’t your usual ZAM book.


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