It’s Release Day!

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NOTE: This is Vigil, the second book of The Hours books, rebranded. If you’ve already read this and don’t need matching covers, much better flow, and a lot fewer dialogue tags, then you don’t need to buy this. This is the same basic book as Vigil.  If you haven’t read … Read More


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 <——I probably haven’t given this picture a lot of thought lately. This was in May, 2013, at RT in Kansas City, MO. I’m here with Francesca Bensi, Damon Suede, Marie Sexton and Leigh Ann Davies Logan… I had such a blast with these guys. They were truly, a remarkable, enjoyable … Read More

Cover Reveal!

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Did I mention I have a new book coming out in the My Cowboy Series in June? I’ve been rotating the new cover with all the others in my little widget, but I’m not sure I actually did a “cover reveal”. I have adored the cowboy themed covers Berkley has … Read More

4/20 – Monday Musing

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It’s 4/20. And even I know what that means, because I have teenagers. They explained it to me. They cannot imagine a world in which someone like me, their erstwhile oatmeal-boiling, berry-buying, don’t drink, don’t smoke, goody-two-shoes mother could even imagine sparking up a blunt and getting high. So, I told … Read More

Life in Orange County

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Once again, we have a brush fire in progress in the area where I live. We could see a towering plume of smoke in the near east toward Chino Hills when we came home from dinner, after picking my son up from UCl last night. On waking this morning, the first thing … Read More

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